What is the best time to send your resume?

When submitting a resume, every detail is important, because employers receive dozens or even hundreds of applications for one vacancy.

For example, did you know that it is not only the day of the week that matters, but also the time when you submit your resume.

Whether you get invited for an interview or not depends a lot on whether your resume gets noticed in the general application pile.

Feel free to use all the existing possibilities for this.

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What time of day is the best time to post vacancies and resumes on job sites

Competent social media professionals know that the timing of a post on social media matters.

If you share a sparkling joke at six in the morning, it will go unnoticed, because at this time the subscribers are either still sleeping, or calling for help with all their vigor to get ready for work.

If you write an average “revelation” at ten in the morning, when everyone is already at work, but have not yet started business and “hang out” on Instagram, you will collect more likes than expected.

There are fewer applicants who are ready to view their resume at two in the morning than those who sit down at a computer for the same purpose, say, at lunchtime.

The same applies to employers: there are fewer workaholic recruiters who search for resumes at ten in the evening than those who surf the mass of job seekers at the beginning of the working day.

Daily dynamics of vacancy views on the job site

Apparently, job seekers start actively looking for vacancies after a morning cup of coffee.

The peak falls at 10-11 am.

A significant decline begins after 4 pm.

Interestingly, a newly published vacancy has a chance to be seen at ten in the evening.

And some specialists are ready to look for work on the Internet and late at night.

Daily dynamics of resume views on a job site

The resume view curve is slightly less ordered than the vacancy view curve.

Perhaps the reason is the busy schedule of recruiting specialists: work on the Internet has to alternate with interviews and other tasks.

There are two peaks in resume views: at 1 pm and at 8 pm.

Perhaps the evening rush is due to the fact that HR specialists perform part of their search work in the evening, when there is an opportunity not to be distracted by meetings and telephone conversations.

What does all this mean?

Ideal time to find jobs and employees

If you are an employer, post your resume between 10 am and 4 pm.
And if an applicant, the best time to post a resume is in the interval from 12 to 14 hours, and at 20 hours.

The most reasonable option is to track statistics and evaluate the effect of your efforts after posting a publication.

Job sites usually have this functionality.

Placed, tracked, took the principle into service.

In this age of competition, observation and reliance on evidence is a useful soft skill, and this applies to all participants in the labor market.