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Dear Friend and Job Seeker,

You are searching for career or resume writing assistance and that is obviously how you have found my website today… so let’s get right to it.

I promise if you read the contents of this controversial letter you will get the full benefit of my 20 years of resume writing and career experience.

If you give me just a few minutes I’ll tell you secrets 99% of job seekers do not know. You will learn secrets the resume firms do not want you to know, secrets that will certainly change your career prospects and could actually change your life.

Because your career is so important, isn’t it worth taking five minutes now to rise to the top of the list of job candidates? You decide.

I will tell you:

The killer mistakes you must avoid in your resume.
The truth about most online resume writing services including resume software, resume samples packages and books.
The lazy man’s way to a successful job interview.
How to use the Internet to find tons of job opportunities.
The one simple thing you can do to turn any interview into a job offer.
Don’t Be Like 99% of Job Seekers Today

I am sure you are aware of the huge competition in today’s job market. It is fierce.

Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor has stated that:

“Employers are not hiring in today’s competitive job market”.

People are finding themselves unemployed or trapped in a job they hate for months at a time. They are finding huge competition for every job they go for.

It is getting nearly impossible to get an interview let alone a job.

Positions that used to attract just a few resumes are now attracting hundreds or even thousands.

So you must know the danger of not having the best possible resume

and cover letter in hand as you launch your next job search?

The “danger” is that you will not land that interview! You are in competition with hundreds of other job seekers just to get an interview for one position.

If there are hundreds of people going for one position I can guarantee one of these job seekers will be very well prepared and will have a professional resume.

Remember, it is not the most qualified candidate who gets the job, it is the candidate who presents himself or herself the best; in other words, landing a job is 70% presentation, and 30% actual skills and ability.

Make no mistake — a successful resume is a marketing document. You need to sell your skills to an employer and make that employer want to call you.

Your job search requires that you present the most professional image possible. And, your resume and cover letter are your first opportunity to make a good impression

If your resume is less than the best you will be passed over in a matter of seconds. That is the harsh reality you must face.

You will not get an interview and you will not get the job you want. You will be with the 99% who lose out on their dream job simply because of a poor resume or cover letter.

The Steep Learning Curve.

There is a steep learning curve when looking for a perfect resume – it is a “survival of the fittest” that either works for you or against you. It punishes uneducated job seekers and rewards smart ones.

If you are struggling to write a powerful resume that can grab your reader’s attention, then you are like most people seeking job interviews.

Where do you begin?

What do you say?

What formats work best?

How do you get to the ‘top of the resume pile’?

Do you include an objective or references?

Should it be one page or two? What colour paper?

It can, indeed, be quite stressful. Agree?

Your Resume Is Your Only Chance Of Getting An Interview In Today’s Fierce Job Market. And It’s Too Important To Entrust To Anyone But A Professional.

You must think of a professional resume writing service as an investment in you and your future. It’s a proven fact that a well-written resume and cover letter, besides landing the interview, can increase your salary by thousands of dollars! Confirm this with any recruiter or employer.

Sample Resumes, Resume Software and Resume Books Are
A Waste of Your Time And Money.

They Will Not Get You Interviews.

If you search the Internet for resume information you will find many sites offering resume sample packages, resume creator software and resume books.

By purchasing these types of products you may be saving a few dollars but at what cost?

You still need to read the books, download and figure out the software, copy and paste the samples.
You get a generic resume or cover letter that maybe 100’s of other job seekers have.
The sample resume is very general so it can be old to the masses. There are no customized phrases for your industry.
Once you buy the product this is where the relationship with the company stops.
No after sales service, no advice, no help. You pay and are alone again.
Trust me when I say this is the worst possible method of writing a resume. You may be an engineer with a resume designed to win interviews for a teacher. IT JUST DOES NOT WORK.

If you let a professional write your resume you have a terrific chance of getting interviews and a job with a great salary increase.

Any salary increase will far out weigh the cost of a competitive resume service and remember…..

Unlike the alternatives such as resume books, samples packages or software there are:

No BORING books to read
No tricky software to download and learn
No generic phrases or terms just like the thousands other job seekers who purchased the package
With the right resume writing service you will get:

Personal attention
Customized hard hitting words specifically applicable to your industry
After sales service
Competitive prices that are sometimes just a fraction over the alternatives.

Don’t Fall Into The 16 Year Trap Like Joe.

Joe has been working in a sales job he hates now for over 15 years. He feels trapped as he has to provide for his family and there are lots of expenses each week. He still dreams of a better job, where he can command respect and a salary he deserves.

From time to time he decides to do something about his situation and applies for really great positions that he knows he is qualified for. He knows he can do the job and would love the opportunities it would bring for both himself and his family.

One day to his surprise a colleague tells him of a fantastic job he has landed as an area manager. Joe has applied for similar jobs over the years but has never even had an interview.

Other colleagues have also made the breakthrough to management positions with different companies and he wonders how they do it. He has more experience a proven record.

After spending another month or so sending out resumes he decides to quit again and lets another year go by. Now he is 16 years in a job he hates.

He knows he is more qualified the many of the other guys and would just love the chance to talk in an interview to a potential employer.

Is that a familiar story? Joe has been sending out a resume he put together himself using a template he found in an old resume book. His wife is an excellent writer so she proof read it. They though this would be sufficient.

All the effort went into the search for suitable jobs and his resume was thrown together in an hour.

Joes has excellent skills and qualifications but they are poorly translated on his resume. He is a sales rep not a resume writer after all!

By the way his colleague who is now an area manager and has added $20,000 to his salary. He used a professional resume service!